WPML WPForms Multilingual v0.3.5 Plugin Overview

WPML WPForms Multilingual v0.3.5 Plugin Overview


Enhance user experience and engagement on your WordPress site with the WPML WPForms Multilingual Addon v0.3.5. This WordPress plugin provides a solution for translating WPForms, making it an ideal choice for businesses or organizations aiming to cater to a global audience by offering forms in multiple languages. By ensuring clear communication and facilitating higher form submission rates, WPForms Multilingual makes it easy for users to interact with your site in their preferred language.

Core Features of WPML WPForms Multilingual Plugin

1. Full Compatibility with WPForms

  • Compatibility: Fully compatible with WPForms and WPForms Lite, ensuring seamless translation of forms created using these popular plugins.

2. Easy Form Integration

  • WPForms Block Integration: Insert translated forms into any page using the WPForms block, allowing for easy integration into various sections of your website.

3. Comprehensive Translation

  • Translate All Elements: Translate form fields, sub-labels, and placeholder text to fully localize your forms, making them easily understandable for users.

4. Translation Options

  • Automatic or Professional Translation: Choose between automatic translation using machine translation or send forms to a professional translator for more control.

5. Inclusion with WPML Accounts

  • Included with WPML Accounts: WPForms Multilingual is included with WPML Multilingual CMS and Multilingual Agency accounts at no additional cost.

6. User Experience and Engagement

  • Improved Interaction: Provide forms in multiple languages to enhance user experience, leading to higher form submission rates and increased user satisfaction.

7. Global Audience Catering

  • Global Accessibility: Cater to your global audience by easily creating translated versions of your forms to meet diverse language needs.

8. Clear Communication

  • Language Elimination: Translating forms ensures clear communication by eliminating language barriers between you and your users.

9. Increased Form Submission Rates

  • User Convenience: When users can interact with forms in their language, it boosts form submission rates, helping you achieve your goals effectively.

What’s New in WPML WPForms Multilingual v0.3.5

  • Release Date: June 20, 2023
  • Fix: Resolves a fatal error occurring when using the Lite version of WPForms.

Sales Page and Live Demo

Explore WPML WPForms Multilingual on the official documentation page.

Free Download WPML WPForms Multilingual Latest Version

Download the latest version of WPML WPForms Multilingual here.