WP Scheduled Posts Pro v5.0.3 Plugin Overview

WP Scheduled Posts Pro v5.0.3 Plugin Overview


Effortlessly manage your scheduled posts in WordPress with WP Scheduled Posts Pro v5.0.3, a comprehensive solution designed to streamline your content scheduling process. Packed with features, this plugin is a valuable asset for individuals seeking time savings and content automation.

Core Features of WP Scheduled Posts Pro Plugin

1. Schedule Calendar

Visual Content Management
  • Schedule Calendar: Utilize a visually appealing calendar with drag-and-drop functionality to effortlessly manage your content. Create new posts directly from the calendar for added convenience.

2. Auto Scheduler

Time Management Automation
  • Auto Scheduler: Exercise precise control over your content schedule. Save time by automating the publication of posts during your preferred time slots.

3. Auto Social Sharing

Social Media Visibility
  • Auto Social Sharing: Automatically share your WordPress blog posts on Twitter and Facebook. Enhance content visibility on social media platforms to increase traffic and engagement.

4. Missed Schedule Handler

Reliable Post Scheduling
  • Missed Schedule Handler: In case WordPress misses the schedule for a post, WP Scheduled Posts Pro ensures the missed schedule is addressed promptly, ensuring timely publication.

5. Custom Statuses

Workflow Customization
  • Custom Statuses: Create personalized statuses for your posts, such as “in-progress,” “review,” or “pending approval,” for enhanced workflow organization.

6. User Role Restrictions

Access Control
  • User Role Restrictions: Restrict access to plugin features based on user roles, ensuring that only authorized users can access and modify plugin settings.

7. Editorial Comments

Collaborative Workflow
  • Editorial Comments: Add comments to your scheduled posts visible only to you and your team. Facilitate better collaboration and streamline your editorial workflow.

8. Insights and Reports

Performance Analytics
  • Insights and Reports: Obtain detailed reports on scheduled posts’ performance, encompassing views, clicks, and social shares. Leverage this information to optimize your content strategy and enhance results.

What’s New in WP Scheduled Posts Pro v5.0.3

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed: Scheduling options missing on Classic Editor.
  • Fixed: Advanced Scheduling issue in Gutenberg.
  • Fixed: Auto Scheduler Posts scheduling proximity.
  • Fixed: Auto/Manual scheduling option display issue.
  • Minor Bug Fixes & Improvements.

Sales Page and Live Demo

Discover the capabilities of WP Scheduled Posts Pro on the official WPDeveloper website.

Free Download WP Scheduled Posts Pro Latest Version

Download the latest version of WP Scheduled Posts Pro here.