WP Media Folder v5.7.2 Plugin

WP Media Folder v5.7.2 Plugin


Enhance your WordPress media management with WP Media Folder (v5.7.2). This powerful plugin simplifies file and image organization, optimizing the native WordPress media manager. With features like folder sorting, image importing, and AJAX navigation, WP Media Folder allows efficient file management and easy access.

Core Features of WP Media Folder Plugin

1. Sort Folders & Images

Organize media files effortlessly by sorting them into folders, enhancing overall file management.

2. Import Images and Folders

Quickly add images and folders to the media library, saving time in the media management process.

3. Quick Setup

Easy installation and setup make WP Media Folder a convenient tool for users, ensuring a quick start.

4. Gallery Layouts

Choose from multiple gallery layouts to display media files in the most suitable way.

5. User Media Access

Grant access to specific media files for authorized users, ensuring controlled access to sensitive content.

6. Multiple Media Folders

Create multiple media folders based on specific criteria, facilitating organized file storage.

7. AJAX Navigation

Speed up the browsing experience with AJAX navigation, making it easy to find and access media files.

8. Multilingual Ready

Supports multiple languages, providing versatility for users worldwide.

9. WordPress Framework

Built on the WordPress framework, ensuring compatibility with other plugins and themes.

10. Flexible Search Engine

Utilize the flexible search engine to find media files based on specific criteria.

11. SEO Friendly

SEO-friendly media files optimize content for search engines, contributing to improved website SEO.

12. Remote Video

Supports remote video embedding, allowing seamless integration of videos from external sources.

13. Ultra Light

With a lightweight design, WP Media Folder ensures optimal website performance without slowdowns.

14. Better File Insertion

Improved file insertion capabilities make it easy to insert media files into posts and pages.

15. Media Views

Choose from multiple media views, customizing the display of media files.

16. Plugin Update

Regular updates ensure compatibility with the latest WordPress version.

17. Advanced File Renaming

Easily rename media files based on specific criteria with advanced file renaming capabilities.

18. Folder Cover

Set folder covers for easy identification and access to specific media folders.

19. Drag’n Drop

Enjoy drag-and-drop functionality for effortless organization and movement of media files.

20. Filter Your Media

Efficiently filter media files based on specific criteria, simplifying the search for needed files.

21. Editor Compatible

Compatibility with WordPress editors allows seamless media file management within the WordPress editor.

What’s New in WP Media Folder v5.7.2


  • Fixed: Media library doesn’t show images in some cases

Sales Page and Live Demo

Explore the extensive features of WP Media Folder on the Sales Page. For a free download of the latest version, click here.