WhatsApp Chat WordPress v3.4.6 Plugin

WhatsApp Chat WordPress v3.4.6 Plugin


Empower your website with the WhatsApp Chat for WordPress v3.4.6 Plugin, a valuable tool for seamless integration of the WhatsApp experience. This plugin allows website owners to directly engage with visitors, fostering trust and increasing customer loyalty. Elevate customer service by offering support through WhatsApp, enhancing the overall brand image.

Core Features of WhatsApp Chat WordPress Plugin

Ease of Use

  • Simple Setup: Quick and straightforward installation for instant use.
  • Highly Customizable: Choose from various design options to match your website’s aesthetic.

Multilingual Support

  • Supports multiple languages, ensuring accessibility to a diverse audience.

Enhanced Customer Interaction

  • Availability Hours: Set specific hours for chat availability.
  • Mobile Device Options: Enable/disable chat on mobile devices.
  • Custom Greeting Message: Personalize the greeting message for a unique touch.

Analytics Integration

  • Google Analytics Integration: Track conversations and user behavior for insights.

Automated Messaging

  • Offline Messages: Send automated messages when offline.

Multi-Agent Support

  • Support for multiple agents to manage chats effectively.

Design Customization

  • Button Position: Customize the chat button’s position on the website.

What’s New in WhatsApp Chat WordPress v3.4.6

Sep 11, 2023 – v3.4.6

  • Fixed: jQuery warning.
  • Fixed: Prevent display WhatsApp widget in Oxygen Builder admin dashboard.

Sales Page and Live Demo

Explore the features of WhatsApp Chat for WordPress on the Sales Page. For a free download of the latest version, click here.