Use-your-Drive v2.10.1 WordPress Plugin Overview

Use-your-Drive v2.10.1 WordPress Plugin Overview

Elevate your Google Drive integration with Use-your-Drive v2.10.1, a versatile WordPress plugin that seamlessly displays your Google Drive files. No coding skills are needed; effortlessly link your Google Drive account with a single click.

Core Features of Use-your-Drive WP Plugin

Easy Dashboard:

  • Access an intuitive dashboard for effortless navigation.

File Browser:

  • Explore your files conveniently with the built-in file browser.


  • Showcase your files in a visually appealing gallery format.

Audio Player & Video Player:

  • Enjoy built-in audio and video players for seamless media playback.

Upload to the Cloud:

  • Effortlessly upload files directly to the cloud.

Search Files:

  • Use the search feature to find files by name and contents.

Inline Preview:

  • Preview files directly within the plugin for quick assessment.

Embed Files:

  • Embed files easily for streamlined sharing.

Shared Links:

  • Generate shared links for collaborative access.

User Folders:

  • Organize files with user-specific folders.

All in the Cloud:

  • Experience comprehensive cloud integration.

Awesome Media Player:

  • Benefit from a feature-rich media player for an enhanced user experience.

User Permissions:

  • Set user-specific permissions for secure file access.

Shortcode Builder:

  • Utilize the shortcode builder for effortless customization.


  • Receive notifications for essential actions.

Optimized Performance:

  • Enjoy optimized performance for a seamless user experience.

Object Oriented Code:

  • Access well-structured, object-oriented code for efficient functionality.

WooCommerce Integration:

  • Seamlessly integrate with WooCommerce for enhanced e-commerce capabilities.

Gravity Form Integration:

  • Enhance form functionalities with Gravity Form integration.

Multilingual Ready:

  • Customize the plugin for multilingual usage.

Responsive Design:

  • Experience a responsive design for compatibility across devices.

Smart Loading:

  • Benefit from smart loading for efficient performance.

What’s New (Changelog) in Use-your-Drive v2.10.1

New Features, Settings, and Integrations:

  • Email notifications for move and copy actions have been added.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issues with file names containing single quotation marks.
  • Compatibility fixes with plugins using old hook arguments of the gform_merge_tag_filter plugin.
  • Addressed PHP 8.2 support issues.


  • Removed .htaccess file checks for non-Apache servers.
  • Updated translations for enhanced language support.

Sales Page and Live Demo of Use-your-Drive WP Plugin

Explore the features and functionalities on the official sales page. Test the plugin through the live demo available on the same page.

Free Download Use-your-Drive Latest Version

To download the latest version of Use-your-Drive (v2.10.1), click here.

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