Ultimate Membership Pro v12.1 Plugin

Ultimate Membership Pro v12.1 Plugin


Ultimate Membership Pro is a robust and user-friendly WordPress Membership Plugin, designed to empower you in creating and managing multi-level exclusive access for your members. This versatile plugin supports various payment plans, free packages, and customizable conditions to meet your specific requirements. With an extensive array of features, it offers a seamless experience for selling premium products and subscriptions right from the start.

Core Features


Create multiple membership levels with ease.

Unlimited Paid/Free Membership Levels

Set up an unlimited number of paid and free membership tiers.

Content Lockers

Protect your valuable content with secure content lockers.

Payments Gateway

Choose from a variety of payment gateways, including PayPal, Authorize.net, Stripe, 2CheckOut, Braintree, Payza, and Bank Transfer.

Sell Subscriptions via WooCommerce

Integrate seamlessly with the WooCommerce platform to sell subscriptions.

Trial Free/Paid Period

Offer trial periods for both free and paid memberships.

Drip Content Protection

Gradually release content over time with drip content protection.

Restrict Pages or Any URL

Control access by restricting specific pages or URLs.

Subscriptions Plan

Define and manage subscription plans effortlessly.

MultiPayments Option

Provide members with multiple payment options.

Login Predefined Templates

Customize login templates for a personalized user experience.

Register Predefined Templates

Create unique registration templates to enhance user registration.

Menu Protection

Restrict access to menus based on membership levels.

9 Email Marketing Platforms Integrated

Integrate with nine popular email marketing platforms seamlessly.

Visual Composer Integrated

Combine the power of Ultimate Membership Pro with Visual Composer.

Keywords Restrictions

Set keyword restrictions for added security.

What’s New in Ultimate Membership Pro v12.1

  • Fixed: WordPress Native Fields Labels translation
  • Changed: Memberships Table when needs to show linked WooCommerce Products
  • Fixed: Content Rules Access setup without a selected Membership
  • Changed: WorkFlow of Register and Profile Forms for custom fields
  • Fixed: Taxes showing up inside Payments table
  • Changed: Prorating Subscriptions workflow
  • Fixed: Search in Dashboard Tables
  • Checked: Compatibility with PHP 8.1+
  • Checked: Compatibility with WP 6.4.x
  • Changed: Stripe Checkout workflow in particular setup scenarios
  • Added: Wizard Setup

Sales Page and Live Demo

Explore more about Ultimate Membership Pro and see it in action on the Sales Page. For a free download of the latest version, click here.