The Ultimate Divi Modules UI Kit v1.5 Plugin Overview

The Ultimate Divi Modules UI Kit v1.5 Plugin Overview


Explore the versatility of The Ultimate Divi Modules UI Kit v1.5, a renowned WordPress plugin that grants users unrestricted access to a collection of 2000+ Divi Modules designs, accompanied by continuous updates. Tailored for the Divi theme, this UI kit serves as an ideal solution for those seeking to infuse their websites with creative and modern styles.

Core Features of The Ultimate Divi Modules UI Kit Plugin

1. Unlimited Access

Extensive Design Library
  • 2000+ Divi Modules Designs: Users enjoy limitless access to a diverse array of Divi Modules designs, regularly refreshed with the latest styles.

2. Style Updates

Ongoing Enhancements
  • 500+ Style Updates: Supplementing the existing designs, the latest V1.5 release introduces 500+ additional style updates.

3. User-Friendly Design

  • Ease of Use: The UI kit boasts user-friendly navigation, ensuring accessibility for users, including those with limited web design experience.

4. Customizability

Personalized Modules
  • Tailored Adjustments: Each module is customizable, empowering users to modify parameters such as font size, color schemes, and more.

5. Compatibility

Seamless Integration
  • Divi Theme Compatibility: The UI kit seamlessly integrates with the Divi theme and functions harmoniously with other WordPress plugins.

6. Regular Updates

Continuous Improvement
  • Developer Commitment: The developers pledge consistent updates and enhancements to guarantee an optimal user experience.

What’s New in The Ultimate Divi Modules UI Kit v1.5

Package Inclusions

  1. DCT Tabs Module Styles (400)
  2. DCT Blurb Module Styles (100)
  3. DCT Person Module Styles (150)
  4. DCT Blog Module Styles (100)
  5. DCT About Us Sections (100)
  6. DCT Pricing Table Styles (150)
  7. DCT Testimonial Module Styles (75)
  8. DCT Contact Form Sections (100)
  9. DCT Newsletter Sections (25)
  10. DCT Accordion Module Styles (40)
  11. DCT Slider Module Styles (100)
  12. DCT Timeline Styles (100)
  13. DCT One Page Layouts (42)
  14. DCT Portfolio Styles (120)
  15. DCT Footer Sections (100)
  16. DCT Bar Counters Module Styles (50)
  17. DCT Box Info Styles (50)
  18. DCT Skill Sections (50)
  19. DCT Buttons Styles (125)

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Free Download The Ultimate Divi Modules UI Kit Latest Version

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