Solid Affiliate v1.4.0 WordPress Plugin Overview

Solid Affiliate v1.4.0 WordPress Plugin Overview


Solid Affiliate is a powerful WordPress plugin designed to streamline affiliate program management for businesses. This comprehensive tool enables users to effortlessly customize referral rates, establish lifetime commissions, set subscription renewal commissions, define product-specific commission rates, and more—all conveniently from the WordPress dashboard. With features such as affiliate cookie life, coupon referrals, refund protection, and easy affiliate registration, Solid Affiliate is a robust solution for businesses seeking effective affiliate program management.

Core Features

1. Customizable Referral Rates

Easily tailor referral rates to suit your business needs.

2. Lifetime Commissions

Implement lifetime commissions to reward ongoing affiliate contributions.

3. Subscription Renewal Commissions

Set commissions for subscription renewals to incentivize long-term partnerships.

4. Product-Specific Commission Rates

Define commission rates specific to individual products for flexibility.

5. Affiliate Cookie Life

Manage the duration of affiliate cookies for tracking purposes.

6. Coupon Referrals

Utilize coupon referrals to enhance affiliate-driven sales.

7. Refund Protection

Ensure affiliate commissions are protected in the case of refunds.

8. New Customer Commissions

Reward affiliates for bringing in new customers to your business.

9. Easy Affiliate Registration

Streamlined process for affiliates to register easily.

10. One-Click Affiliate Portal Setup

Effortlessly set up the affiliate portal with a single click.

11. Affiliate Dashboard

Empower affiliates with a comprehensive dashboard for tracking performance.

12. Affiliate Approval Management

Efficiently manage affiliate approvals with Solid Affiliate.

13. Referral Link Generator

Generate referral links effortlessly to track affiliate activity.

14. Customizable Emails

Personalize communication with affiliates using customizable emails.

15. Simple Shortcodes

Implement simple shortcodes for quick integration into your WordPress site.

16. Automatic Payouts through PayPal Integration

Enable seamless automatic payouts with integrated PayPal functionality.

17. Manual Payouts

Offer manual payout options for flexible affiliate program management.

18. Affiliate User Roles

Define roles for affiliates to streamline user management.

What’s New in Solid Affiliate v1.4.0

Version 1.4 — April 11th, 2023

  • Mailchimp API Improvements: Enhanced error messaging for better user understanding.
  • Traditional Chinese Translation: Thanks to our Taiwanese customers, a comprehensive translation is now included.
  • Multisite Compatibility: Improved functionality for multisite environments.
  • Performance Improvements: Optimized affiliate registration during keyless free trials and overall plugin performance.
  • Bug Fix: Resolved an issue related to settings handling, ensuring proper functionality of add-ons on new sites.
  • Developer Filter: Added “solid_affiliate/default_affiliate_tabs” filter for customizable Affiliate Portal tab order.

Sales Page and Live Demo

Explore more about Solid Affiliate on the official sales page.

Free Download Solid Affiliate Latest Version

Download the latest version of Solid Affiliate here.