Scalability Pro v5.39 WordPress Plugin Overview

Scalability Pro v5.39 WordPress Plugin Overview


Scalability Pro v5.39 is a dynamic WordPress plugin designed to optimize your site for speed and scalability. If you’re seeking to enhance the performance of your WordPress site by minimizing the load on your database and server, Scalability Pro is a valuable solution. In this discussion, we’ll delve into the details and features of Scalability Pro, shedding light on how it can elevate the efficiency of your site.

Core Features of Scalability Pro WP Plugin

1. Scalable Site Performance

Ensure your site maintains speed and efficiency as it grows, handling millions of posts, products, orders, comments, and other data without compromising speed.

2. SQL Query Optimization

Speed up slow SQL queries, particularly on archive pages like categories, tags, authors, and dates. Scalability Pro optimizes WordPress queries and can cache results to alleviate database load.

3. Backend Speed Enhancement

Streamline your WordPress admin area by disabling unused features, such as revisions, autosaves, heartbeat API, emojis, and embeds. This optimization enhances the responsiveness and usability of the backend.

4. Import and Export Optimization

Accelerate the import and export processes by bypassing WordPress functions that typically slow them down. Scalability Pro utilizes direct database queries, making data transfer faster and more efficient.

What’s New in Scalability Pro v5.39

5.39 (15th November 2023)

  • New Definition: Added the SPRO_PREVENT_WPAI_DUP_CHECK definition to speed up WP All Import for large imports.
  • Bug Fixes for Woo Onboarding Code: Fixed bugs related to the Woo Onboarding code, addressing issues with the has_products function and proper fixing of the is_new_install function.
  • Optimizations for Woo Products List: Altered the Optimise Woo products list to remove the Woo Product Category dropdown, improving functionality and removing unnecessary features.
  • Improved Slow Query Log: Enhanced the Slow Query Log to capture information more reliably for better performance monitoring.
  • Bug Fix for Slow Query Log: Addressed a bug that prevented the slow query log from running if no db.php file existed.

Sales Page and Live Demo

Explore more about Scalability Pro on the official sales page.

Free Download Scalability Pro Latest Version

Download the latest version of Scalability Pro here.