Pixelyoursite Super Pack v3.2.0 Plugin

Pixelyoursite Super Pack v3.2.0 Plugin


Pixelyoursite Super Pack (v3.2.0) is a robust add-on designed for PixelYourSite Professional, significantly enhancing the functionality of the plugin. This Super Pack comprises five distinct add-ons, each delivering additional features to maximize the effectiveness of Facebook pixel tracking.

Core Features of Pixelyoursite Super Pack Plugin

1. Remove the Pixel from a Page

With this feature, users can selectively eliminate the Facebook pixel from specific pages or posts. This ensures precise pixel firing on designated pages, refining tracking accuracy.

2. Dynamic Values for Events

Empower users to tailor the information transmitted to Facebook when events are triggered. This feature allows for customizable data, offering detailed insights for analysis. It proves beneficial for tracking specific events or user behaviors.

3. WooCommerce Custom Thank You Pages

Create personalized thank-you pages for customers post-purchase. This presents an additional opportunity to engage with customers and monitor their behavior, potentially boosting conversions and enhancing customer loyalty.

4. Multiple Pixels with WPML Support

Effortlessly track data from multiple Facebook pixels and across multiple languages. This simplifies the analysis and optimization of marketing campaigns. WPML support ensures seamless tracking in various languages.

5. AMP Support

Pixelyoursite Super Pack extends support to Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), enabling users to track data from their AMP pages. This feature enhances insights into customer behavior and elevates the precision of tracking data.

What’s New in Pixelyoursite Super Pack v3.2.0

Detailed changelog information is not available.

Sales Page and Live Demo

Explore the extensive features of Pixelyoursite Super Pack on the Sales Page. Download the latest version for free by clicking here.