Piotnet Forms Pro v2.1.11 Plugin

Piotnet Forms Pro v2.1.11 Plugin


Piotnet Forms Pro (v2.1.11) is an extensively customizable WordPress form builder, offering a seamless way for users to craft professional forms effortlessly. Engineered for speed and efficiency, a standard form loads only 11KB of CSS and JS combined, making it an optimal choice for those seeking quick-loading forms without compromising site performance.

Core Features of Piotnet Forms Pro Plugin

1. Booking Appointment

Create forms with built-in booking appointment functionality, allowing users to effortlessly schedule appointments or events.

2. Coupon Code Field

Enhance your forms with a coupon code field, enabling users to input coupon codes for discounts or promotions.

3. Distance Calculation

Utilize distance calculation to craft forms capable of calculating the distance between two locations. Ideal for applications like delivery services or booking systems.

4. Highly Customizable Style

Piotnet Forms Pro boasts a high level of customization, empowering users to create forms that seamlessly align with their website’s design and branding.

5. Image Select Field

Incorporate an image select field into your forms, enabling users to choose an image as their response.

6. Integrations

Seamlessly integrate with a diverse array of third-party services, including Zapier, Mailchimp, and Hubspot.

7. Range Slider Field

Leverage range slider fields to design forms that allow users to select a range of values, such as a price range or a range of dates.

8. Input Mask

Implement input masks to ensure accurate data entry, facilitating the correct format for information like phone numbers or email addresses.

9. Preview Submission

Grant users the ability to preview their form submissions before finalizing, ensuring the correctness of the entered information.

10. Date Calculated

Create dynamic forms that calculate dates based on user input, such as age or expiration dates.

11. Calculated Fields Form

Utilize calculated fields to design forms capable of performing calculations based on user input. For example, calculating the total cost of a product or service.

12. Address Autocomplete

Simplify the address entry process for users with address autocomplete, ensuring swift and accurate submissions.

13. Paypal, Stripe, Woocommerce Integration

Integrate seamlessly with popular payment gateways, including PayPal, Stripe, and WooCommerce, facilitating direct payments through your forms.

14. Signature Field

Enhance your forms with a signature field, allowing users to provide electronic signatures.

15. Register, Login, Edit Profile

Create versatile forms enabling users to register, log in, and edit their profiles directly on your website.

16. Landing Page Builder

Harness Piotnet Forms Pro’s landing page builder to craft pages that convert visitors into valuable leads or customers.

17. reCAPTCHA v3

Safeguard your forms against spam and abuse with reCAPTCHA v3, Google’s latest CAPTCHA technology.

18. Remote Request

Use remote requests to retrieve data from external sources and seamlessly display it within your forms.

19. Conditional Logic

Employ conditional logic to create forms that dynamically show or hide fields based on user input or specific conditions.

20. Submit, Edit Post

Create forms that empower users to submit or edit posts directly from your website.

21. Repeater Fields Multi Level

Utilize repeater fields to design forms accommodating multiple sets of data entry. Ideal for applications such as event registration or product orders.

What’s New in Piotnet Forms Pro v2.1.11

  • Fixed: Hiding the submit button after submitting does not work.

Sales Page and Live Demo

Explore the powerful features of Piotnet Forms Pro on the Sales Page. Download the latest version for free here.