Pie Register Premium v3.8.2.6 Plugin Overview

Pie Register Premium v3.8.2.6 Plugin Overview


Explore the capabilities of Pie Register Premium v3.8.2.6, a robust WordPress plugin designed to simplify the creation of custom registration forms. With an intuitive drag-and-drop form builder, this plugin empowers users to craft forms effortlessly, eliminating the need for coding knowledge. Pie Register Premium boasts an array of features, including user roles, conditional logic, and customizable email templates. This makes it an ideal choice for website owners seeking enhanced control over their registration processes.

Core Features of Pie Register Premium Plugin

1. Drag & Drop Registration Form Builder

Intuitive Form Creation
  • Effortless Design: Create custom registration forms with ease using a drag-and-drop interface.

2. Admin Helper Application

User Assistance
  • Admin Support: Assist users with registration by filling out their information on their behalf.

3. Allow Users

Registration Control
  • Enable/Disable: Site owners can control user registration on their website.

4. Timed Form Submission

Submission Time Limit
  • Time Management: Set a time limit for form submission.

5. User Roles

Access Level Management
  • Role Assignment: Assign different roles to users for effective access level management.

6. Custom User Roles

Tailored Permissions
  • Role Customization: Create custom user roles with unique permissions.

7. Auto-Login After Registration

Seamless Onboarding
  • Automatic Login: New users can be logged in automatically after registering.

8. Profile Picture

  • Image Upload: Users can upload profile pictures during registration.

9. Custom Login Form

Tailored Login Experience
  • Form Customization: Customize the login form according to specific needs.

10. Generate Password

Automated Password Generation
  • Password Automation: Automatically generate passwords for new users.

11. Auto-Generate Password

Streamlined Onboarding
  • Automated Setup: The plugin can auto-generate passwords for new users.

12. Custom Redirection

Personalized User Journey
  • Post-Registration Redirect: Redirect users to a custom page after registration.

13. Verify and Moderate Registrations

Admin Control
  • Validation Process: Verify and moderate new registrations before granting access.

14. Conditional Logic

Dynamic Form Display
  • User Input-Based Fields: Use conditional logic to display different fields based on user input.

15. Add Conditional Logic

Form Logic Integration
  • Logic Application: Add conditional logic to registration forms.

16. Invitation Only Registrations

Exclusive Access
  • Restricted Registration: Restrict registration to invitation-only for exclusive access.

17. File Upload

Document Submission
  • Upload Functionality: Users can upload files during registration.

18. Restrict Widgets

Role-Based Widget Control
  • Widget Restriction: Restrict widgets based on user roles.

19. Restrict Access to Website Content

Content Control
  • Role-Based Restriction: Restrict content based on user roles.

20. Block Users

User Management
  • Blocking Feature: Ability to block users violating website policies.

21. Role-based Redirection

Post-Login Navigation
  • Redirection Control: Redirect users based on their assigned roles post-login.

22. Advanced Fields

Form Field Enhancement
  • Expanded Form Fields: Add advanced fields to registration forms.

23. Customizable Login Security

Enhanced Security Features
  • Security Tailoring: Customize login security with options like two-factor authentication and reCAPTCHA.

24. CAPTCHA Support

Anti-Spam Measures
  • Enhanced Security: Enable CAPTCHA support for additional protection.

25. Membership Fees

Revenue Generation
  • Monetization Option: Charge membership fees for exclusive content access.

26. PayPal Standard Payment Gateway

Payment Integration
  • Payment Processing: Accept payments through the PayPal gateway.

27. Import/Export User and Configuration Data

Data Management
  • Data Transfer: Easily import or export user data and configuration settings.

28. Custom Email Notification Templates

Communication Customization
  • Email Personalization: Customize email notification templates for various scenarios.

29. Shortcodes

Form Display Flexibility
  • Display Convenience: Use shortcodes to display registration forms anywhere on your website.

30. Built-in Form Themes

Styling Options
  • Form Customization: Built-in themes facilitate the customization of registration form appearance.

What’s New in Pie Register Premium v3.8.2.6

Version: (Released on 6th April 2023)

  • Updates:
    • If invitation codes are imported, previous codes will not be deleted. Instead, a new one will be added (Premium).
    • WooCommerce assign gift product functionality fixed (Premium).
    • Sizes for Previous and next button images fixed.
    • PHP errors resolved.
    • UI Issues addressed.

Sales Page and Live Demo

Explore the features of Pie Register Premium on the official plugin page.

Free Download Pie Register Premium Latest Version

Download the latest version of Pie Register Premium here.