OxyProps v1.11.2 WordPress Plugin

OxyProps v1.11.2 WordPress Plugin


OxyProps (v1.11.2) is an avant-garde CSS framework exclusively tailored for constructing WordPress sites. This innovative WordPress plugin seamlessly integrates a sophisticated CSS framework, advanced custom elements, and intelligent context menus to enhance your page-building endeavors. Notably, OxyProps excels in its user-friendly design customization features, empowering you to effortlessly tailor your website’s appearance, including colors, fonts, and sizes.

Core Features of OxyProps WordPress Plugin:

1. Sleek CSS Framework for WordPress Sites

2. Advanced Custom Elements for Unique and Visually Appealing Designs

3. Smart Context Menus for Easy Navigation and Customization

4. Compatibility with Popular Page Builders Such as Oxygen Builder

5. Customizable Design Elements Including Colors, Fonts, and Sizes

What’s New in OxyProps v1.11.2:

v1.11.1 (2023-07-30)

  • Fix:
    • Compatibility with BricksForge

Sales Page and Live Demo:

Experience the capabilities of OxyProps on its Sales Page. Download the latest version for free here.