Link Whisper Pro v2.3.2 Plugin

Link Whisper Pro v2.3.2 Plugin


Discover the power of efficient internal linking with Link Whisper Pro v2.3.2 Plugin, a revolutionary tool designed for SEO optimization within WordPress. This plugin simplifies the intricate process of internal linking, a vital component of SEO that aids Google in comprehending your website’s structure and the connections between its pages. Link Whisper Pro enables you to effortlessly add multiple links at once, complete with pre-selected anchor text, saving you valuable time and effort. Additionally, the plugin offers the capability to infuse inbound internal links into older pages, revitalizing them with essential internal link “juice” that can significantly impact your Google rankings.

Core Features

Streamlined Linking

  • Add multiple links simultaneously with pre-selected anchor text.
  • Infuse inbound internal links into older pages for enhanced SEO.

Quick Editing

  • Swiftly add, edit, or delete links directly within Link Whisper.
  • Edit sentences conveniently within the Link Whisper interface.

Customization Options

  • Ignore specific URLs or categories on your site.
  • Integrate target SEO keywords to receive relevant link suggestions.


  • Leverage auto-linking for a seamless linking experience.
  • Utilize the bulk link changer for efficient management.

Analysis and Suggestions

  • Use the broken link checker to ensure the integrity of your internal links.
  • Explore cross-site linking suggestions for broader connectivity.

What’s New in Link Whisper Pro v2.3.2

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Sales Page and Live Demo

Explore the capabilities of Link Whisper Pro on the Sales Page. For a free download of the latest version, click here.