LayerSlider (Kreatura Slider) v7.9.5 WordPress Plugin

LayerSlider (Kreatura Slider) v7.9.5 WordPress Plugin

Create captivating animations, stunning landing pages, and dynamic sliders effortlessly with LayerSlider (Kreatura Slider). This premium WordPress plugin offers a versatile multi-purpose animation platform, providing mind-blowing effects and beautifully animated content for your website.

Core Features of LayerSlider (Kreatura Slider) Plugin

  • SEO Friendly & Localization Ready: Boost your website’s visibility with SEO-friendly features, and reach a global audience with localization support.
  • Retina And Hi-res Ready: Ensure your visuals look crisp and sharp on high-resolution screens, offering an enhanced user experience.
  • Cutting Edge Technologies: Stay ahead of the curve by utilizing cutting-edge technologies to create modern and engaging animations.
  • Optimizations For Mobile Devices: Deliver a seamless experience on mobile devices with optimized performance and responsive design.
  • Bandwidth Friendly: Serve variable resolution images to optimize bandwidth usage without compromising on quality.
  • WordPress Multisite Ready: Seamlessly integrate LayerSlider into your WordPress Multisite environment for efficient management.
  • 200+ Pre-defined Slide Transitions: Choose from a wide range of pre-defined slide transitions to add dynamic elements to your content.
  • Parallax, 3D & Ken Burns Effect: Enhance visual appeal with parallax, 3D effects, and the Ken Burns effect for immersive storytelling.
  • Hover, Loop & Multi-step Animations: Add interactive elements with hover effects, create looping animations, and incorporate multi-step animations.
  • Playbyscroll & Timelines: Utilize play-by-scroll functionality and timelines to control the animation sequence precisely.
  • Filters & Layer Masks: Apply filters and layer masks to enhance and customize the appearance of your content.
  • Random & Cycle Properties: Add variety with random and cycle properties for dynamic and unpredictable animations.
  • Animate Colors & Common CSS Properties: Infuse life into your content by animating colors and other common CSS properties.
  • Drag & Drop Visual Editor: Benefit from a user-friendly visual editor with drag-and-drop functionality, undo/redo options, and more.
  • Popout Editor: Edit everything in one place with the popout editor, streamlining the design process.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud Image Editor: Enhance images directly within LayerSlider using the Adobe Creative Cloud Image Editor.
  • Timeline With Color-coded Markers: Navigate the animation timeline effortlessly with color-coded markers for precise editing.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts: Speed up your workflow with convenient keyboard shortcuts for various actions.
  • 18 Skins, Theming Options: Choose from 18 skins and explore theming options to customize the appearance of your sliders.

What’s New (Changelog) in LayerSlider (Kreatura Slider) v7.9.5

LayerSlider v7.9.5, released on Nov 2, 2023, addresses media autoplay issues and fixes the keyboard shortcut for starting slide previews in certain cases.

Sales Page and Live Demo of LayerSlider (Kreatura Slider) Plugin

Explore the features and capabilities of LayerSlider on the official website.

Free Download LayerSlider (Kreatura Slider) Latest Version

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