JetTabs v2.1.25.3 WordPress Plugin Overview

Elevate your Elementor experience with JetTabs v2.1.25.3, a dynamic WordPress plugin designed to effortlessly add stylish tabs and accordion blocks to your web pages. Enrich your content with diverse elements using Elementor widgets, and customize with ease. JetTabs empowers you to create user-friendly, visually appealing layouts, driving sales and engaging potential customers.

Core Features of JetTabs WordPress Plugin

Elementor Compatibility: Designed exclusively for Elementor live page builder, JetTabs allows seamless integration of various modules into tabs, enabling the creation of stunning layouts.

Tabs: Create captivating vertical or horizontal tabs, enrich them with dazzling images, and customize colors to achieve an elegant widget with an organized layout.

Classic Accordion: Craft attractive widgets with unfolding content effortlessly using the Classic Accordion module, enhanced with notable details.

Image Accordion: Infuse creativity into your widget with astounding imagery. The Image Accordion module offers everything needed to enhance your content and overall webpage appearance.

Vertical & Horizontal Layouts: Choose between vertical or horizontal widget layouts to showcase your content effectively. Discover engaging and dazzling content layouts.

Wide Selection of Style Settings: JetTabs offers numerous style options, allowing you to customize typography, choose colors or gradients, add borders, and more, catering to style enthusiasts.

Superb Design: No coding skills required to style your widget with JetTabs. Access all design options in one place and witness changes in real-time, making design settings accessible to everyone.

Fully Responsive: Ensure your widgets look great on all devices with JetTabs. Preview your webpage’s appearance while editing for a seamless responsive design.

RTL Supported: JetTabs fully supports RTL, enabling you to change text direction easily for any language, enhancing accessibility.

WPML-Ready: Combine JetTabs with the WPML plugin for a seamless experience in your native language without limitations.

What’s New (Changelog) in JetTabs v2.1.25.3

  • v2.1.25.3
    • Fixed: elementor-template Rest API endpoint.

Sales Page and Live Demo of JetTabs WordPress Plugin

Explore the features of JetTabs on the official sales page. Test its capabilities through the live demo provided on the same page.

Free Download JetTabs Latest Version

To download the latest version of JetTabs (v2.1.25.3), click here.

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