JetStyleManager v1.3.6 WordPress Plugin Overview

Enhance your Elementor page style settings effortlessly with JetStyleManager v1.3.6, a dynamic WordPress plugin designed to optimize page loading speed by 20-30%. Elevate your website’s performance and simplify the process of managing and creating page styles within the Elementor editor.

Core Features of JetStyleManager WordPress Plugin

Full Control Over Page Styles:

  • Gain comprehensive control over page styles, allowing you to define specific style settings for changing widgets’ appearance in the Elementor editor.

Efficient Server Memory Use:

  • Optimize server memory usage by selecting a lower editor-level load with specific style settings. Boost site performance simultaneously for an efficient user experience.

New Approach to Managing:

  • Create and save pre-styled skins for Jet widgets, streamlining the styling process for your page layout. Reduce the time required for styling with this innovative management approach.

What’s New (Changelog) in JetStyleManager v1.3.6

  • FIX: Resolved “Allowed memory exhausted” issue in the block editor, improving optimization.

Sales Page and Live Demo of JetStyleManager WordPress Plugin

Explore the capabilities of JetStyleManager on the official sales page. Test its functionalities through the live demo available on the same page.

Free Download JetStyleManager Latest Version

To download the latest version of JetStyleManager (v1.3.6), click here.

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