If-So Dynamic Content Pro v1.6.1 Plugin Overview

If-So Dynamic Content Pro v1.6.1 Plugin Overview


Elevate your website’s personalization capabilities with If-So Dynamic Content Pro v1.6.1, a powerful WordPress plugin designed to tailor and customize your site content based on visitor interactions and profiles. Enhance user engagement, boost conversion rates, and drive sales by presenting relevant and personalized content to your audience.

Core Features of If-So Dynamic Content Pro Plugin

1. Personalization Flexibility

Flexible Segmentation
  • Diverse Visitor Conditions: Segment visitors effectively using conditions such as geolocation, start and end date, browser language, dynamic link, referral source, device type, logged-in users, time zone, pages visited, and UTM parameters.

2. User-Friendly Setup

Easy Content Management
  • Code-Free Personalization: Set up and manage personalized content effortlessly, even without coding knowledge.
  • Intuitive Interface: Access an intuitive interface for seamless content management and editing.
Instant Display
  • Zero Page Load Delay: Ensure a smooth user experience with no page load delays for instantly personalized content.

3. Enhanced Engagement and Conversions

Improved Metrics
  • Engagement Boost: Elevate user engagement, conversion rates, and sales by delivering content tailored to individual users.

What’s New in If-So Dynamic Content Pro v1.6.1

  • Changelog:
    • Version 1.6.1:
      • Compatibility with the new If-So Geolocation Extension.
      • Removal of log geo requests functionality (now part of geo extension).
      • Streamlined the process for targeting locations in Conditional Gutenberg blocks for Geolocation.
      • Added shortcode [ifso-audience type=’show’ show=’user-audiences’] to display assigned user audiences.
      • UI changes in the geolocation page and license activation field.

Sales Page and Live Demo

Discover more about If-So Dynamic Content Pro on the official product page.

Free Download If-So Dynamic Content Pro Latest Version

Download the latest version of If-So Dynamic Content Pro here.