Elemailer v4.1.2 WordPress Plugin Overview

Elemailer v4.1.2 WordPress Plugin Overview


Discover Elemailer v4.1.2, a cutting-edge WordPress plugin designed to revolutionize your email and newsletter design experience. Elemailer empowers WordPress users to effortlessly create visually stunning and personalized emails using the user-friendly drag-and-drop interface of Elementor. Craft captivating emails in mere minutes, if not seconds, with Elemailer.

Core Features of Elemailer WordPress Plugin

1. Intuitive Design Interface

Drag-and-Drop Creation
  • Effortless Design: The drag-and-drop interface simplifies email creation without requiring any coding or design expertise.
  • Element Customization: Drag text boxes, images, buttons, and other elements onto the canvas, customizing them for your desired layout.

2. Template Variety

Pre-built Templates
  • Versatile Starting Points: Access a diverse range of pre-built templates that serve as a foundation for your email designs.
  • Full Customization: Tailor templates to your brand’s unique requirements.

3. Responsive Design

Cross-Device Compatibility
  • Universal Appeal: Elemailer’s templates boast full responsiveness, ensuring optimal display on desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

4. Personalization

Dynamic Content
  • Recipient-Centric Emails: Create personalized emails featuring dynamic content based on recipient behavior, preferences, and past purchases.

5. Seamless Integration

Email Marketing Platforms
  • Effortless Sync: Integrate Elemailer seamlessly with popular email marketing platforms like Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, and HubSpot, synchronizing your campaigns across multiple channels.

6. Analytics and Reporting

Performance Tracking
  • In-depth Insight: Utilize Elemailer’s detailed analytics and reporting features to track email campaign performance and measure their impact on your business.

What’s New in Elemailer v4.1.2

  • Changelog:
    • Version 4.1.2:
      • Multiple fatal errors and PHP warnings fixed.
      • Resolved flickering issue with the Posts widget and selected posts.
      • Improved optimization for the Posts widget and selected posts.
      • CSS issue fixed by removing overflow: auto; from the email CSS file.
      • License warning addressed in the non-admin user dashboard.
      • Image widget gap issue resolved.
      • Introduced WPML translation system for WooCommerce emails.
      • Implemented Polylang translation system for WooCommerce emails.

Sales Page and Live Demo

Explore Elemailer’s capabilities on the official product page.

Free Download Elemailer Latest Version

Download the latest Elemailer version here.