Easy Updates Manager Premium v9.0.17 Plugin

Easy Updates Manager Premium v9.0.17 Plugin


Ensure the optimal performance, security, and stability of your WordPress websites with Easy Updates Manager Premium (v9.0.17). This premium plugin provides advanced features for safe and efficient update management, allowing users to keep their websites up to date and bug-free.

Core Features of Easy Updates Manager Premium Plugin

1. Safe Updates

Ensure updates are applied safely without affecting website functionality or performance.

2. Schedule Updates

Schedule updates at a convenient time to minimize website downtime and ensure efficient update application.

3. Anonymize Update Request

Maintain website information confidentiality during update requests for added security.

4. Delayed Updates

Delay updates for a specified period to allow testing for compatibility with the website.

5. Auto Backup

Automatically create backups of website data to prevent data loss during updates.

6. Import Export Settings

Transfer settings between websites effortlessly to manage multiple websites efficiently.

7. Webhook

Receive update notifications through webhooks to stay informed about website updates.

8. Auto-update Protection

Prevent automatic updates to review and approve updates manually, ensuring control.

9. White Label

Brand the plugin with a custom logo and colors for a personalized user experience.

10. External Logging

Gain visibility into website updates and activity through external logging.

11. Log Management

Manage website logs for easy analysis and reporting on website activity.

12. Export Logs

Export logs for in-depth analysis and reporting, providing insights into website performance and activity.

13. Premium Support

Receive priority support for fast and efficient assistance with any issues or questions.

14. Email Notification of Updates

Get email notifications when updates are available to stay informed about website updates.

15. Check Plugins

Ensure website optimization by checking for outdated or unmaintained plugins.

16. Version Control Protection

Maintain control over website updates and protect against accidental updates or changes.

17. Check For Unmaintained Plugins

Identify plugins that may need updating or replacement to ensure website performance.

What’s New in Easy Updates Manager Premium v9.0.17

v9.0.17 – 2023-08-09:

  • TWEAK: Do not show incorrect information regarding plugins no longer maintained by the author, caused by Premium plugins not setting all field values seen with wordpress.org.
  • TWEAK: Include thorough version numbers and URL information in the auto-updates notification email.

Sales Page and Live Demo

Explore the comprehensive features of Easy Updates Manager Premium on the Sales Page. Download the latest version for free by clicking here.