Better Search Replace Pro v1.3.2 Plugin Overview

Better Search Replace Pro v1.3.2 Plugin Overview


Explore the powerful capabilities of Better Search Replace Pro v1.3.2, a WordPress plugin designed to streamline search and replace operations on your WordPress database. This tool proves especially valuable during site migrations, ensuring seamless transitions when moving your WordPress site to a new domain or server.

Core Features of Better Search Replace Pro Plugin

1. Serialization Support

Efficient Data Handling
  • Serialization Compatibility: Enjoy support for serialization across all tables, enabling the replacement of data in fields containing serialized data without disruptions.

2. Select Specific Tables

Targeted Database Updates
  • Table Selection: Choose specific tables for your search/replace operations. This feature proves useful when you only need to update certain parts of your database.

3. Dry Run

Pre-Change Preview
  • Simulation Mode: Conduct a “dry run” to preview the number of fields that will be updated before implementing any changes. This safeguards against unintended modifications to your database.

4. No Server Requirements

Compatibility Assurance
  • Server Independence: Operate the plugin without any special server requirements, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of hosting environments.

5. WordPress Multisite Support

Network-Wide Operations
  • Multisite Compatibility: Benefit from support for WordPress Multisite, enabling search/replace operations across multiple sites simultaneously.

What’s New in Better Search Replace Pro v1.3.2

  • Fix: Resolve CSS loading issue on the details page.

Sales Page and Live Demo

Discover more about Better Search Replace Pro on the official plugin page.

Free Download Better Search Replace Pro Latest Version

Download the latest version of Better Search Replace Pro here.