All-in-One WP Migration OneDrive v1.61 Plugin Overview

All-in-One WP Migration OneDrive v1.61 Plugin Overview


Discover the capabilities of the All-in-One WP Migration OneDrive v1.61, an indispensable WordPress plugin designed for seamless data backup. This extension is crucial for website owners seeking efficient export and import of website data to and from OneDrive, including support for OneDrive for Business accounts. The backup scheduler feature simplifies the process of creating regular automated backups, ensuring peace of mind for website owners.

Core Features of All-in-One WP Migration OneDrive Plugin

1. Export and Import Capabilities

Streamlined Data Transfer
  • To and From OneDrive: Effortlessly export website data to OneDrive and import it back into the website as needed.
OneDrive for Business Support
  • Supports OneDrive for Business: This plugin accommodates both personal and business OneDrive accounts, offering users flexibility in managing their website data.

2. Usage Flexibility

Unlimited Website Usage
  • Multi-Website Usage: Utilize the All-in-One WP Migration OneDrive Extension on any number of user-owned websites, making it an ideal choice for web developers or individuals with multiple websites.

3. Backup Scheduler

Automated Backup Options
  • Hourly, Daily, and Weekly Backups: The plugin features a backup scheduler with hourly, daily, and weekly options, enabling users to create regular automated backups of their website data.

4. Unlimited Extension Access

Limitless Usage
  • No Limitations or Restrictions: Users enjoy unlimited access to the extension with no limitations or restrictions, allowing usage as needed without additional costs.

5. WP CLI Commands

Command Line Interface Support
  • CLI Integration: The plugin incorporates WP CLI commands, empowering users to seamlessly manage website data through the command line interface.

6. Premium Support

Expert Assistance
  • Premium Support: Benefit from premium support with the All-in-One WP Migration OneDrive Extension, ensuring users have access to expert assistance whenever required.

What’s New in All-in-One WP Migration OneDrive v1.61

  • Changelog:
    • 1.62 – 03/28/2023
      • Added:
        • Set HTTP version 1.1 in OneDrive client.
    • 1.61 – 02/20/2023
      • Fixed:
        • Improved Support for WP-CLI

Sales Page and Live Demo

Explore further details about the All-in-One WP Migration OneDrive on the official product page.

Free Download All-in-One WP Migration OneDrive Latest Version

Download the latest version of All-in-One WP Migration OneDrive here.