AdSanity v1.9 WordPress Plugin Overview

AdSanity v1.9 WordPress Plugin Overview


AdSanity v1.9 is a robust WordPress plugin that seamlessly transforms your website into an ad server while maintaining content integrity. Tailored for website owners, bloggers, and publishers, AdSanity offers a comprehensive solution for managing advertising campaigns efficiently. This plugin facilitates easy creation, publishing, tracking, and optimization of advertisements, empowering users to enhance their ad performance.

Core Features of AdSanity Plugin

Lightweight Design

Ensures optimal website loading speed without compromising performance.

Extensible Architecture

Supports integration with various software and services for enhanced functionality.

Graphical Stats

Provides real-time insights into ad performance through intuitive graphical statistics.

HTML5-Ready Templates

Responsive and mobile-friendly templates ensure compatibility across devices.

Flexible Publishing Options

Schedule ads and set expiration dates with ease for strategic campaign management.

Multiple Display Options

Utilize widgets, shortcodes, and templates for diverse and customizable display choices.

Developer-Friendly Design

Easy customization through a design tailored for developers.

Top-Notch Support

Access dedicated support from a team of experts for a seamless user experience.

What’s New in AdSanity v1.9

Version 1.9

  • New Reset Button: Added a “Reset” button for permanent deletion of all internal statistics.
  • New Elementor Modules: Introduced Single ad, Random Ad, and Ad Group Elementor modules for simplified integration into Elementor sites.
  • Metadata Methodology Rewrite: Completely rewrote metadata methodology, enhancing performance and allowing alternative statistic storage.
  • Developer Hooks: Added more developer-oriented hooks for increased customization options.
  • Visual Indicators: Improved visual indicators during custom report loading for better user experience.
  • Compatibility Fixes: Enhanced compatibility with page builders, nested WordPress loops, and ensured compatibility with WordPress 6.0 Full-Site Editing.

Sales Page and Live Demo

Explore more about AdSanity on the official sales page.

Free Download AdSanity Latest Version

Download the latest version of AdSanity here.

Included Addons

  • adsanity-adblock-detection.1.3.2.zip
  • adsanity-advertiser-reporting.1.4.1.zip
  • adsanity-conditional-ad-appearance.1.4.zip
  • adsanity-custom-ad-sizes.1.5.1.zip
  • adsanity-google-analytics-tracking-integration.1.5.7.zip
  • adsanity-impressions.1.0.zip
  • adsanity-ordered-ad-group-widget.1.5.1.zip
  • adsanity-rotating-ad-widget.1.6.3.zip
  • adsanity-user-role-ad-visibility.1.1.0.zip
  • adsanity-weighted-ads.1.1.zip